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What's all the hype about?

What is it? Do I need that? What will it do for me? How long will it last? Is it damaging? These are a few of the common questions that run through everyone’s head when they first hear Brazilian Blowout.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what a Brazilian Blowout actually is. A Brazilian Blowout is a customizable smoothing treatment that actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Unlike similar versions such as keratin treatments there is no down time with a Brazilian Blowout. You can leave the salon and immediately wash your hair, exercise, or put it up in a cute top knot or pony! But seriously who wants to do that after they leave the salon with smooth, shiny, silky, frizz free hair!

“What will the Brazilian Blowout do for me?” – The great news is that this treatment is great for all hair types; curly, frizzy, course, damaged and even fine hair. With this treatment being customizable you can keep the curls but lose the frizz or achieve the smoothest hair possible. Does it take you forever to blow-dry and flatiron your hair? Are you sometimes having to shower the night before just because your morning routine doesn’t allow for an hour+ of blow-dry and styling time? Does your hair feel so thick and unmanageable that you can barely get a pony tail holder around it? Look no further, because the Brazilian Blowout will cut your blow dry and styling time at least in half. It achieves this by repelling excess water from the hair which in turn decompresses your hair strand and allows faster dry time. Unlike many of the other brands the Brazilian Blowout will not leave a line of demarcation with new hair growth. It’s bad enough when our color starts to grow out that we don’t want a fuzzy, wavy regrowth while the rest of our hair is perfectly smooth. That would just look ridiculous!

By now you might be thinking, “Maybe a Brazilian Blowout would be great to try, at least in these crazy humid summer months. But how long does it actually last?” As we talked a little about how the Brazilian Blowout doesn’t leave a line of demarcation when growing out then how does it actually come off the hair? The Brazilian Blowout gradually fades off the hair in about 12 weeks. While this greatly depends on how often you are washing and the at home care you are providing your hair, there are some great at home products to help prolong the wear of your blowout.

First things first - You NEED the right shampoo and conditioner. Don’t be fooled by other stylists or friends in the past telling you, “Oh, just buy some sulfate free shampoo at the grocery store.” NO! That just won’t do, do you want to wash your precious Brazilian Blowout down the drain in just a few quick washes? I would think not. The Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti Frizz shampoo and conditioner actually contains a small amount of the treatment solution to replenish your hair after every wash. How awesome is that? A special bonus that is fairly new to their at-home care line is the Iconic Bonding Spray. This magical elixir that you spray on towel dried hair gives you week 1 results for up to 10 weeks! Now, if you have never experienced the pure perfection of a Brazilian Blowout you might not understand the gravity of how great the first week of your blowout is so let me explain. Week one is the smoothest, shiniest, healthiest and most manageable your hair will ever be! Most of you won’t need to pick up a flat iron, and your blow-dry time will be just a few minutes. Many compares this to the perfect hair they wish they were born with. Windy, humid, hot day? No problem, your hair will remain Flawless!

As time goes on and the weeks pass your blowout gradually fades off the hair. You may notice after a few weeks you might need to touch up a piece or two in the front with your flat iron, no biggie. Then by the end of month two a little more iron work may be needed but overall your hair is still much better than your hair without the blowout. Month three is where the treatment is almost faded away but still desperately holding on hoping you replenish it with another blowout. Time frames definitely vary depending on how often you wash your hair. Now with using the proper at home products and washing every day to every other day you will get up to 12 weeks. “Well Erin, you have told me to not wash so much so I only wash 2x a week.” Well my friend, you just achieved maximum longevity of the blowout! Some of my guests are able to get a good 4+ months out of it by really taking care of their investment and only washing 2x a week.

Let’s talk color - with most of us coloring our hair either for fun or to cover pesky grays, how does this fit in with a Brazilian Blowout? It is best to color your hair prior to proceeding with a Brazilian blowout because it locks in the longevity of your hair color and adds immense shine. This happens from the protective protein layer I told you about earlier. You can color the same day before your treatment or a week or two prior. If that isn’t possible for you to do then after receiving your Brazilian blowout you must wait 14 days to color your hair.

I know my words are only worth so much, so check out how my clients feel about them!

“Erin did a fabulous job with my Brazilian Blowout, cut & style” – Karla D.

“6 weeks ago, I received a Brazilian Blowout and it continues to be the best hair decision of my life. Easy care and no frizz in rain, heat or humidity. Thanks to Erin, I have the hair I always wanted. She is an artist!” – Michelle B.

“Erin is a superb stylist!” I saw her for the first time for a Brazilian Blowout and she listened to what I wanted and made sure the end result was what we had discussed. I highly recommend booking with her!” – Angelique V.

Sounds pretty amazing right? If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or drop a comment below!

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