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Survival Guide To Summer Hair

Heat, Humidity, Chlorine and Saltwater – Summer can be rough on your hair! We are often faced with frizzy, dry and dull hair and nobody has time for that. Here are my summer hair survival tips to keep you looking fresh.

1. Stop Over Washing Your Hair

At most you should be washing your hair every 2-3 days. Some of you might be thinking “Yeah right Erin, Its hot and I’m sweaty.” Hear me out, by washing your hair every day you are stripping the essential oils and nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy. Ever wonder why your hair gets dry or your ends start to split? This is one of the reasons. So, let’s say you just HAVE to wash your hair, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Don’t worry, I have some solutions for you. First, try rinsing your hair in cool water to help remove some of the sweat and build up. Follow up with only conditioner and focus more on your mid-length and ends to help moisturize and refresh. Another solution is a Cleansing Conditioner. “What’s that, Erin?” Here’s the breakdown: cleansing conditioners are a one-step, no lather co-wash that gently cleanses and weightlessly hydrates the hair. I used Amika’s Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner all week when I was in Florida this past May. It helped cleanse the salt and chlorine from my hair without drying it out from every day washing.

2. Attention Swimmers!

Before you even enter the water, you must do these steps first! Wet your hair with cold water and use a Leave in Conditioner or Brazilian Blowouts Smoothing Serum. This will prevent a barrier by not allowing your hair to absorb the chlorine or salt water. Re-apply as necessary and always rinse your hair out after.

3. Stock Your Pool Bag with These Key Essentials

Since chlorine and saltwater can wreak havoc on your locks. Here are a few of my favorite pool must haves:

  • Smoothing Serum - Brazilian Blowout

Provides a protective barrier against chlorine and salt water when applied before


  • The Wizard – Amika

Spray this weightless, multi-benefit primer in after getting out of the water to help detangle your hair. I recommend also packing a Wet Brush!

Would you rather spend your time lounging by the pool with a good book instead of wetting your fabulous blowout? These are for you!

  • Perk Up Dry Shampoo – Amika

The closest thing to washing your hair without water. Refresh your hair by absorbing dirt and oil while adding volume and texture to your style.

  • Dry Oil – Brazilian Blowout

Smooth the frizz and fly-aways with this amazing light weight oil, leaving you with a shiny polished look.

4. Invest in hair treatments

Whether you choose to do an in-salon treatment or at home, conditioning treatments are vital to healthy hair. It’s a great way to replenish the missing nutrients your hair loses over time due to environmental damages, coloring, hot tool use, you get my drift. Using a good moisturizing mask once a week at home can make all the difference in your hair. This will help keep your hair from drying out and breaking, especially in the summer months. My essential weekly masks are Olaplex #3 and The Kure by Amika.

5. Ditch the hot tools!

Say what? You heard me, the over use of hot tools can be very damaging to your hair. Of course, when using them you will want to use a heat protectant such as The Shield by Amika, but its summer, go live your life and don’t be tied down by excessive styling which will be ruined as soon as you walk out the door and into this lovely humidity. “What will I do without my flat iron?” Well, I’m so glad you asked! Some great summer go to styles can be as easy as a braid or a cut top knot. Do you have a natural wave or curl to your hair? Go with it, let your hair be and help enhance it with my New Favorite Curl Corps Enhancing Gel. “Gel?! This isn’t the 80’s Erin, I don’t want crunchy wet hair.” This is not your average gel, this leaves your hair so soft and moisturized while enhancing your natural body and curl!

6. Protect your investment

Why wash that beautiful balayage or all over color down the drain? Protect your investment. The easiest way to do this is by investing in a great shampoo and conditioner. Vault by Amika is sulfate free and packed full of antioxidants and UV filters, it will also increase moisture retention and shine giving your hair an overall boost of health. Another great tool to use is The Shield, you may have seen this mentioned above but that is because it’s Amazing! This nifty product from the hair gods is heat activated, so as soon as your iron passed over your hair it not only protects it from damage but it seals it in and protects it from humidity for up to 24 hours!

7. Brazilian Blowout

If you have a jam-packed summer schedule and just don’t have time to deal with unruly hair this summer – don’t worry, I’ve got you! Treat your self to a Brazilian Blowout, to give you the perfect hair you always dreamed of but never thought possible. No Frizz, cut your blow-dry time in half, humidity can’t touch you and you will have impeccable shine and softness. Want to learn more? Stay tuned because in 2 weeks I will post the nitty gritty on all things Brazilian Blowout.

I hope this helps you stay looking fresh and fabulous this summer. Have a question or a suggestion for future blog content? Drop a comment below!

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09 de jul. de 2018

Awesome post Erin! I love all of tips & ideas for new products I want to try. Thanks! 😊


09 de jul. de 2018

Great tips- thank you!

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